Presma Scopes – Affordable way to go long range

Presma scopes are a neat option for an affordable scope to put on your rifle. I have two from them, one is their 18 max power and the other is their 36 max power scope. I have had these for about 4 months now and have spent a lot of time behind the glass on these. I am impressed with how well they work for their price point.

The 18 power model is around the $499 price and the 36 power is $599 price. Now understand that these are not 36 power Nightforce quality and they don’t claim to be. They are a great option for their price and if you are looking to get into something in 18 or 36 power and you don’t have $1,500 to $3,000 to spend on one then Presma will fill your need…

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  1. After some amount of research, I came to to a similar conclusion. By spec, the Presma Scopes hit all the high points. Glass clarity, multilayered multicoated, good location of controls and very very handsome looking scopes. Build quality looks very refined. I say looks because my scope arrives sometime today. Belay that last sentence. FEDEX just delivered my scope as we speak. I will mount the scope to my favorite security device and complete my analytical review. Now I must address another very important Presma Customer Service.

    Notables: Mike and Dave.
    I have never seen or heard better hospitality or customer service anywhere and I have been everywhere. These gentlemen provided scope selection and mount guidance, I so desperately needed. They revised my purchased selection with the Presma Scope best fitting my needs. I am a peep site shooter. Expert Marksman? Yes I am. Brand new Scope “Novice”? Yes, I am. I Thank you and kudos to Mike (sales) and Dave (S+H whse) My revised scope is the “Cat’s Pajamas”

    There is no better or greater customer sales and service, than the Presma Team, Mike and Dave.

    Time for me to mount up and head for the range to find my “zero”.

    Best regards and very respectfully,

    Arthur H. Cooper, Chairman of the Boards

    A. Cooper Butcher Blocks and Boards